Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to be good at study

Control mind and achieve your goal.

Human mind is a collection of some amazing  complex  Phenomenas.Mind is not a part of body.Mind is said to be some electro-chemical reaction in brain due to five senses.

  In the human body, there are two Internal functions.a)Digestion, Lungs, heart.(b)Feelings, thoughts.

Persons who won in life were done mind controlling etc.

To have confidence and to control your mind follow these steps

■Take a neat white paper, right the followings are paste it in your bedroom and repeat it 10 times every morning  when you wake up.

1) I'm a Healthy and Happy man

2) Everyday my memory and self-confidence are increasing.

3) My self-confidence and mind-power is increasing day-by-day.

4) I loving myself.Respecting.Approving

5)I can overcome any situation.

This can control your mind and you'll never say ' can't ' if you do it daily.
You can do without laziness.

Increase Memory power in Natural ways

Are you tired with forgetting things ?

"Interest and repetation are father and mother of memory"

Especially students forgot lessons overtime.To increase your memory ability, follow these simple and easy steps.

1) Go to bed early as possible and wake up early(Before 5:30).Revise lessons @ morning.

2) Study your lessons up to Twenty minutes and then, revise what you study for Five minutes.

3) Studying depend on surroundings; Select a open area(or a comfortable room) only for studying which should be clean and calm.

4) Eat healthy food such as help to increase memory; egs : Brain of Goat.

5) Revise Topics you studied that night just before you go to bed.

6) Revise Studied topics ; a)First revision after 20 minutes.(b) Second revision after 12 hours.(c)Next revision after 6 days.(d)Then Fourth revision after 6 months.

7) Eat Dinner before 8 o'clock.Eat body friendly foods.Not indigestible foods.Eat a little, but not very little.If you eat a lot, you'll fall asleep quickly.Eat vegetables especially leafy vegetables and Fruits.

8) Sleep minimum 6 hours.(Recommended interval  : 11:00 pm to 5:00 am)

9) Excises when wake up at morning for 15 or 30 minutes which help blood circulation better which enable to understand topics.After that take bath and start studying.Drink energy drinks.(Horliks, Boost, Complan, Bornvitta, Milk.)

10) Give an interval after 30 minutes of studying.Use this time to enjoy T.V shows drink your favorite drinks.But don't use time more than 15 minutes.

11) Use a constant place to study.It'll help you in examinations by you can remember thing easily.

12) Self confidence and interest will make you win.

13) It is surveyed that after 20 minutes students forget about half of he studied.Memory is related with Time and Period.

"Interest and repetation are father and mother  of memory" Is a proverb in English.So without repetation and interest to know, it is not much possible to remember things.

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RAC 007